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Hardwood Floor Installation, Repair and Replacement in All Atlanta Metro Areas

Hardwood flooring is the first thing people see when they enter your home or office. It’s also one of the most important aspects of your property, especially when nowadays a lot more home buyers are looking for it. Wood flooring is not something you just walk on, it holds an aesthetic importance for people passionate about their home decor.

Let’s be honest. The days of carpeted flooring are over. Old, shabby and dirty carpets not only make your house look bad, but will definitely turn away a potential buyer. There are a number of ways to enhance the otherwise dull looking floor such as ceramic tiles or linoleum. However, wood flooring is the most preferred choice because it provides an overall aesthetic appeal to your house and it’s also easier to maintain and clean.

Here are some of the different types of hardwood floors you will be willing to choose for your property:

  • Solid Hardwood: This type of floor is nailed and stapled down on top of a wooden subfloor. There is a wax paper that is placed under the hardwood floor prior to installation. But this is not a vapor or moisture barrier, as it’s punctured with staples and nails. This wax paper is used to help the sliding of the wood pieces during installation. Baseboards, quarter rounds or shoe molding are placed after the completion of the hardwood flooring installation to cover the gap that is left between the wall and the floor, allowing for any expansion that occurs during the summer months. As solid hardwood floor installation requires the existence of a wooden subfloor, it’s suitable for the first and second floors of most homes. However, it’s not suitable for basements, apartments and condos, due to the concrete subfloors found in these areas.
  • Engineered Hardwood: This floor is more flexible in terms of the installation process. It can be nailed down like the solid hardwood floors or glued down to a cork or plywood subfloor. It’s also produced with a click installation system, which allows the pieces to be laid down as a floating floor system on top of a concrete foundation. Actually, this makes the engineered hardwood floor the most versatile product as it can be installed on any type of subfloor, keeping at the same time the look and feel of a genuine hardwood floor.
  • Laminate: Floating flooring systems that are installed using a click system. Made of a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process, it simulates different types of wood (or even stone) with a photographic layer under a clear finish. The inner core layer is usually composed of fiber board materials and melamine resin. Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity because it’s easier to install and maintain in comparison to solid hardwood. It also costs less and requires fewer skills to install.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Atlanta

Wood is a natural product. It tends to be prone to wear over the years, but restoration, repair and refinishing can breathe new life and bring back its natural beauty. The process begins with the removal of the previous finish. It’s a little daunting and messy task that’s better to be performed with a specialized sanding equipment to prevent any damage to the wood. After the previous finish is completely removed, the wood can be stained or left natural, and then polished.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Wood floors are a lifetime investment and your decisions concerning them should not be taken lightly. Regular maintenance includes protecting the surface finish from moisture and scratches, and requires more than just sweeping and vacuuming. About the cleaning – always use a professional wood floor cleaning product that’s recommended by the manufacturer or a wood flooring expert. Not doing so may void any warranty or guarantee on the product.

Benefits of The Hardwood Flooring

  • Longevity: Your floors will last for decades thanks to professional preparation and installation
  • Easy to clean: Keep your floors looking nice for a long time with just a little sweeping and mopping
  • Cosiness and warmth: The hardwood floor is naturally warm
  • Increased home value: Properties with wooden floors tend to sell twice as easily compared to houses with other floor finishes
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Stairs Installation and Refinishing

In any residential or commercial property, stairs are one of the areas that get the most foot traffic. As home design evolves, stairways are quickly becoming an architectural highlight and are often the first visible element when you enter a property. Dark and narrow staircases are being replaced by wide open spaces, adding a new dimension to multi-story structures. Contemporary materials with the artistic and decorative appeal are becoming the finishing choice for stairs. But keep in mind that stair refinish and installation is a task that requires knowledge and precision with one goal in mind – to make it beautiful.

Stone and Tile Installation

Express your unique vision with tile and stone. With so many patterns, colors and sizes to choose from, there are countless ways to make use of tiles in your home. Suitable not only for bathrooms and kitchens, you can lend any other living space in your home a touch of style – contemporary or traditional. Enjoy your new tile floor for a lifetime!

Carpet Installation and Stretching in Atlanta

Carpets add the perfect touch of color and class that embraces the decor of a room. The main advantage of carpeted flooring is the wide variety of colors and fabrics for your specific desires. They can also be durable, pet-friendly, beautiful in appearance and texture. Get help with anything from installation and stretching, to repair and replacement.